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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Head On... to a new ad campaign

There are times in a company's life when it must be introspective. Those involved must look at all aspects of the company to try to drop dead weight, improve certain functions, and overall turn it into a well oiled machine. So, when I see commercials for a pain reliever product that feature people randomly popping in to make fun of the very product they are hawking, I begin to wonder if the CEO has not overlooked a brain lesion left for too long. Of course, for him to approve this ad campaign, it must be a lesion the size your average truck tire. The ads I'm talking about, of course, are the Head On commercial series. Now, having seen their commercials before this bit of marketing lunacy, I must say that it seemed like a pleasant, if not wholly worthwhile purchase. Simply open up a stick of Head On and apply it to place on the body that is feeling muscle or arthritis pain. Sounds good to me. I even remembered what the product was, thanks to the catchy name and short video of a guy applying it to his forehead. Then one day I was doing nothing more nefarious than watching Jeopardy when I was mentally punished by Head On's new advert. It was nothing more than one of the Head On commercials brutally halted in the middle only to feature a somewhat repulsive, snide sounding person in no make-up (I've been on sets before and have been on stage, and I can say that without make-up, an actor looks like a member of the Munsters, at best) bellowing in a sarcastic tone, "Head On, apply directly, Head On, apply directly... I hate your commercials and I think they're annoying. But I love your product." Now, I'm no ad wizard, but I think that a company calling its own commercials annoying is poor marketing. AMC tried it, and they only got ingested by Chrysler in 1988, which, in turn got feasted upon like a stunned wildebeest by Mercedes (Oh, sure, call it a merger all you want, there aren't many "mergers" that involve such Borg-like assimilation as DaimlerChrysler). Besides, the new commercials are far more annoying than anything on television. No, wait, that's not entirely accurate. They are the single most annoying ad, in any medium, aver devised. And I'm including the old PetSmart ads as well as those Got Mac? commercials that encourage me to get more PC's, just to spite Mac. I'm even including horrendous ads I have seen in old National Geographics from the teens, back when cigarettes were healthy and snake oil cured tuberculosis. So, maybe they should get introspective, eh?


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