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Saturday, November 25, 2006

A new post, just for you!

Well, I just got back from New York! I'm also typing with one hand, and I have recital in a week. So, I won't update again until after December fourth. Here's some photos I got from the Hard Rock Cafe.

This is Tony Iommi's Gibson SG that he used on Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Master of Reality, Volume Four, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, and Sabotage. These sold a combined 10 million copies in the U.S., and defined the heavy metal sound. It is this guitar that, for me, is THE heavy metal guitar, and is the reason I bought an SG.

I can't believe that I got to see this. Paul McCartney is the reason I began to love rock. This is, I believe, the first Hofner he had. It is a right handed bass, and he has said that he first got a Hofner violin bass because it was so styled that he could flip it over comfortably for left handed use. They also had the suits they wore on the Ed Sullivan show, but I didn't get a chance to get a shot of them.

Here is the Fender six string bass that Jack Bruce used on Cream's Disreali Gears. It can be seen on the inside cover next to Eric Clapton's Fool painted Gibson SG.

Here is Johnny Cash's acoustic, which I couldn't really get a good look at. I don't know what the brand is, but it's probably a Martin 000 style. That's also the famous photo of him giving the finger. I'm not sure how much I wanted that in the shot, but it does help to establish whose guitar it is.


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