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Friday, June 22, 2007

Just for the sake of adding a photo to my "About Me" space.

Look, it's me! 20 pounds ago! And with much shorter hair! And I have a shirt on! Also, much clearer skin! In case you're wondering, that's my Daphne Blue Fender 50's Strat. I scalloped the fingerboard and added a set of Bill Lawrence pickups, which make it play and sound much better than stock. Also, because of my hand troubles, I'm using Ernie Ball 8 guage strings. They are, in case you are continuing to wonder about the things I'm writing, the thinnest strings on the market.
Looks like I had a slight fisheye effect going on with my camera here, I swear my nose isn't that W.C. Fields-ish. Why do I look annoyed here? I'm the only one in the room.


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