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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Silly Rabbit, Shameless Intelligence Insulting is for Corporate Execs!

The latest Trix commercials feature dozens of smiling kids, yet again preventing a relatively innocent hungry rabbit from getting one bowl of cereal. This is no change of pace, but the same commercial states that Trix are in a "New Puff Shape!" To put this in a bit of context, were you to buy a box of Trix no more than two months ago, you would have found that the box contained literally dozens of super sweet fruit shaped cereal pieces. Little bananas, little berries, etc.

It seems however that the execs over at General Mills have decided that maybe Trix are a little too exciting. Or maybe the awkward shapes of the cereal were getting caught when small children failed to chew their Trix into suitable sizes for their narrow throats? Anyhow, the cereal is now in a simple puff shape, much like the far less sweet Kix cereal. Now, according to the commercials, this is exciting and new. Yes, Trix look like pellets that popped out of rabbits that have been eating tie died t-shirts. But, what the commercial doesn't mention is that this is what Trix looked like for decades.

I remember when Trix moved to the fruit shapes it had for the past ten years. "New fruit shapes!" they declared. "Exciting, now your sickening little sugary chunks are shaped like things that, in real life, are healthy!" But, memories are short, especially regarding the cereal's target audience of people who still think members of the opposite sex are infested with cooties. It's obvious that the Overlords at General Mills are betting that no one who remembers the change will care enough to do anything. And they would be correct. This is probably the most you'll ever read on the subject, and even I hardly care. I get a good chuckle out of the commercials when I see them, but that's as far as it goes. Of course, I'm looking forward to, let's say, 2015 when Trix ads will proclaim, "Puffs are out, representations of seeded fruits are in! These exciting, never before seen shapes recall the tastes that inspired the flavors in our cereal!" I for one, am not buying it. Not that I'd purchase Trix anyway, but once I have children, they will know the truth. If I remember. Or care.


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