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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Great Blogs... of the Present!!!!

I was recently feeling nostalgic for some of the cartoons of my youth. Of course, since I'm 23, the cartoons I feel nostalgic for are only just now getting respect. Oh, sure, it's easy to get a tear in the eye when Bugs Bunny pops onto Cartoon Network's Boomerang, or to feel like a kid in the 1950's again when Yogi Bear steals that pic-uh-nic basket (in fact, you'll even shave your hair down to a buzzcut, break out the jeans that are two inches too short, the high-top Converse, and the short-sleeved plaid button up shirt, all of which looks dorky on a 58 year old).

But what about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Or Batman: The Animated Series featuring good ol' Kevin Conroy as Batman? Or how about Cartoon Network's What A Cartoon show featuring lots of cool, independent short films (most of which were unfairly destined for obscurity)? Well, I remember the What A Cartoon show, and thankfully, my generation is the one that controls Youtube and Google Video. I got to watch one of my old favorites, the brilliant and short lived, Bloo's Gang. Animated by the incredible Mike Milo (his animation always looks so freakin' smooth!), it captured everything that I loved about the Hanna Barbara toons of yore; the wacky voices for the wacky characters, over the top situations, talking animals, and lots of kid-friendly but adult-aimed one liners. It also had more refined animation (I think Scooby Doo was actually animated the week it aired. It was the worst drawn cartoon... well, I'm getting off topic), that 1990's bizarre flavor (look at Scully's eyes! LOOK AT THEM!!!), and, of course, talking animals.

Milo had another short, The Ignoramooses, that was equally well done, but neither one took off. While Dexter's Lab, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, and the Powerpuff Girls took off and got their own series, the Milo cartoons just fizzled (as did most of my favorite What A Cartoon segments. Anyone remember the one with the rabbit and the bat playing minigolf?). But, thanks to the internet, I just got to watch both of Mike Milo's brilliant shorts! And by shorts, I mean short cartoons, not underwear. I don't even know if he wears underwear. Also, he has a really cool blog, and a bunch of links to various videos he's made. Plus he's a Christian, which means not only will I agree with the worldview espoused in all his toons, but they'll be fun for the whole family! Except that no one else in my family like cartoons (except you, Uncle Mark, you're cool). So please, check out his site/blog. You'll be glad you did. Because I won't have to hurt you.


Oh, and I'm putting it in my links page.


Blogger Mike said...

Hey Paul!
I found your blog because you linked to mine I guess and I am humbled that you liked my cartoons so well! It gives me great joy to know that someone out there actually saw, never mind liked my endeavors! I appreciate that man, more than you know! If you've read my blog then you'll know that I recently finished up yet another cartoon, this time for Nickelodeon, and for me it's my best. Anyway, if you like you can check out the production blog for it here:

Also great to hear you're a Christian. Not near enough of us in my book! Good luck and I will link to your blog as well!
-Mike Milo

4:28 PM  

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