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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More? You want more?

Ok, I really need to get this blog circulating. What I actually need to do is get a website proper. My scope is too huge for a one page blog! Yes, I could link several together, but that just won't fly. But, fear not! I shall continue to update this blog as frequently as possible until I get a website of some kind. I just need to earn more money. I need one of those "job" things. Oh, I teach guitar, but with less than ten students, I'm not exactly rolling in a bathtub of cash. I could, however, roll around in a handfull of change, but that hurts. Especially when the coins start poking ribs and whatnot. But, after a bit of digression, I'd just like to say that one never knows when the person on the other end of a phone line is wearing pants.


Blogger srvdove said...

Or even on the other end of a blog comment....

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