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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

SONAR Home Studio 4

Here's what's been eating up all my time. I love SONAR, it allows me to make music without actually having to pick up my guitar. MIDI rocks. It also allows me to make basslines, drum tracks, and even use exotic instruments such as the sitar and instruments that cost more than I'd care to spend, like a grand piano. It's really cool. Then I can record my vocals (or anything else) into a microphone. It allows me to loop, copy, and otherwise distort the tracks. It's ludicrously cheap, something like $150, which will beat the crud out of any 4 or 8 track recorders. SONAR can have up to 64 simultaneous tracks, whereas a TASCAM 8 track is limited to, well, 8 tracks. One only needs a powerful enough computer to run the software, and a decent mic to plug in. Also, I recommend going to Amazon and buying The Everything Home Recording Book, or The Mixing Engineer's Handbook. So, don't delay, visit Cakewalk.com.


Blogger K. said...

Sixty-four tracks,holy smokes!

Sounds like a great way to make music when your hand is in a splint!

8:08 PM  

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