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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lutefisk? No, Guitar Fisk! Ok, I'm sorry, that was bad.

Well, as I said, there would be musical things on this blog! So, here's the first one. This is me with the greatest living guitarist, Eliot Fisk. You simply must go to Amazon and listen to his recordings of the Paganini Caprices, and look at his cd "Fur Eliot" which has his excellent transcription of Scarlatti's K27 sonata. Matter of fact, one of Fisks teachers was the Great Ralph Kirkpatrick, the man who re-codified Scarlatti's sonatas in the 1950's and replaced the old numbering systems for Scarlatti's sonatas. I am so glad to have met Fisk and to have seen him play. It is really something else. If you get the opportunity, go, and take your friends with you!

By the way, on looking at this picture, I realize that I was a lot thinner then, and that was only a year ago. Wow. I've gained a good 15 or so pounds since then. Such is life!


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