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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Good Gravy

Well, they said it would never happen. They said it was impossible. Yet, Tony Danza got his own talk show AND they made a fifth Planet of the Apes movie. Also, I am doing my own weblog. Yes, it is part of a community of blogs rather than one of my own domain, but this is far cheaper and easier to deal with.

But, I digress.

Welcome to my weblog! Here you will partake of rantings of the political sort as well as religious discussions (I don't like the word "religion," people put weird connotations to it, and after all, how many of us practice what the apostle James calls, "true religion?" But that is a topic for later!), various mp3s of my own compositions, essays on music topics, links to other peoples' blogs (you must check Gratiafied), possibly cartoons and scripts (all copyrighted of course, I am a musician and we are very anal about copywriting things), and all the things that you'd expect to find in a weblog. I don't expect many people will read it, which is why I'm not too afraid to print anything I like. Besides, the only way to shock people these days is to tuck in my shirt, go to church, use clean language (hell isn't swearing, it's geography), and vote republican. Oop, there I go on a diatribe. Sorry folks, I just get pissed when I hear people lauding guys like Eminem while they don't know who Glenn Gould is. Not that I can fault someone for that really, I mean not everyone likes classical piano. But they should. Anyway. To wrap up my first post, I'd like to say, thanks for reading, and if you can stand my pea soup thick sarcasm, then we're well on our way to becoming fast friends.


Blogger srvdove said...

I am still trying to find the sarcasm here...it is so cleverly hidden.

3:53 PM  

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