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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Some of these are old, some are recent. I have always wanted to work on my drawing ability, but have never had the time. These represent the ones I am willing for others to see. These also represent a non visual artist's attempts at doing visual art. I would love to improve, but that may take more time than I am willing to put in. In any case, here they are, complete with explanations for their origins.

Here's a character I was working on for a story. It's set in an animal world, much like Disney's Robin Hood. Animals allow for character establishment from the moment the character appears on the screen. Take the white rabbit for instance. It symbolizes meekness, a world class introvert. Mine was for a story about a young keyboard virtuoso named Thomas, who is a scrawny, nearsighted (I realize only one of the pictures featurs him with glasses, but they're a big part of the story) white rabbit that had lost part of his right ear as a child. The other character in the story is a priest named James, portrayed as a fox. The fox, of course, insinuates intelligence, even cunning. James had been a child virtuoso as well, but was exploited by his foster parents for personal gain. James left that way of life to become a minister in the Anglican church. The story takes place in 1830's England, around the time the Monarchy was losing power and the Romantic era was beginning in full swing. James represents the old ways, the traditions that he had to fight to uphold in his life. Thomas represents the innocence of youth and the struggle on the part of the older generation to protect the younger from a destructive path.
I also realize that some of my pictures feature a rather adult looking Thomas. Well, that was from when I wanted to carry the story later in his life.

These are characters for a steampunk story I started writing entitled, Harmony and Counterpoint. The title is a nod to Jane Austin's way of titling some of her novels, such as Pride and Prejudice, or Sense and Sensibility. The story centers around young adventuress Clare Bridewell, part of a secret society charged with protecting cultural artifacts belonging to Britain. She is the Harmony part of the story, harmony being the focus of composers once highly contrapuntal music fell out of favor. The other is Alexander Abott, a young priest (yeah, another priest character, you gotta problem widdat?) who feels useless in his role of living in the church, only existing for helping out with services. He, of course, is the Counterpoint. Imitative Counterpoint was the main way of composing in the late Renaissance and Baroque, but was largely abandoned in the Classical era. Though it's antique, it's also very complex. Like Alex... anyway, this'll take far longer to explain than I feel like.

This was from my time of video game obsession, about 9 years ago. I loved Sonic the Hedgehog, but I also loved guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. So, I combined them. That's about all there is to this.

This started out as the hat. I was getting frustrated with my inability to draw a halfway decent hat, so I went to the Wikipedia section on Fedoras and tried to draw the Fedora pic they had using as much detail as possible. Then, getting annoyed at it being just a hat, I decided to draw a person underneath. I'm pleased with my results considering there was no planning that went into it at all, but there's still a lot that bothers me, such as the question of his arms' existence. Where are they? I'm not sure. Oh, and his tailor had no idea how to make a collar. Oh well.

As a contrast, here's a sketch my Stepfather, John made in a few minutes while he was talking on the phone.

Here's a Christmas card sent to me a few years ago by a friend of the family, Bob Hustead. He died last year at the age of 88. Bob was an art teacher for most of his life, and was the mentor of my Stepfather, John. Great man, he was.

Well, that's it for today, critique to your heart's content, or just glance and move on with life. Whatever you like.


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